The Olbers family

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This is a Web site for you who are looking for information about the Olbers family or about people closely allied with the family. The first two links below will lead you to key maps over the German (with ramification to Holland) respectively the Swedish main part. I myself belong to the family after Jacob Olbers (see below to the right).
From these sites you can continue your search for later generations or for information about individual persons.

The German family         The first Olbers in Sweden         The family after Jacob Olbers


If you search for one particular person you can also go to this website's Search engine    
For technical resons there are separate fields for search within Sweden or "abroad".


You can get even more information about the family in Sweden through my book “Den svenska släkten Olbers av Celle” written in Swedish and available at Swedish libraries.   


I, who have put this web site on the Internet, am Göran Olbers (sonson sonson sonson to Daniel Nicolaus from the first generation Olbers born in Sweden). This is done with the hope of establishing contacts with others who have interests in the history of the family. I have of course more information of the family besides the sites. You can contact me through the link to my home page below.

There is a lot of work behind the colletion of all information presented and I ask you not to publish information from here without mentioning the source or having first asked me.

Göran Olbers home page


Small dictionary:
Far (f)= Father    Mor (m)= Mother    Barn = Child    Gift = Married    Född = Born    Död = Dead

The Olbers family came from Hannover in Germany where Christian Olbers was mayor of the town of Zelle in the 16th